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For the last year I have been working full-time for as a graphic designer. If you live in Victoria, you know that well and we have been working to build the brand and there are used sites all over Canada and also in the UK.

My responsibilities have been two fold, as the only dedicated graphic designer. I have been building all the web banner advertising for the sales team with additional support for sales materials they employ. I also provide all the materials for the marketing and promotional team, whether its online advertising or print materials from print materials to swag materials to signage and display materials.

I also managed and maintained the assets and working to evolve the branding of the sites. It’s been a fun position and challenging time. I would say that they truly have set themselves apart from the other online classified sites, with a hyperlocal focus and a focus to be family friendly and using the site to help those who need it with the assistance of the community angels, I recommend them for your classified needs.

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