With a crazy few weeks I get back up into the saddle…

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Olah, good, typing, typing, typing… That works. So been pretty busy and been bogged down with work and life. Are you well… Oh, good, glad to hear it.

So I did some drawing this afternoon and I wasn’t too thrilled with it so I am not posting yet. Got to get back to speed here and that means starting off on a good foot and as I am out of post-its I will score some and post-it-day will be rolling again… so In the spirit of providing something. I thought I would do a list of stuff I am into right now or found that I would like to pass on here…

Work has been insane and I have been fighting flash again… What is it about that program? Grr. The biggest frustration? Yeah, I am trying to save down a flash file from CS5 to CS3… which I am having to torrent CS4 to do… Very efficient Adobe. Make my life easier. Lots of ads, trying to keep on top of the heap and being positive and useful. Oh so, useful.

I “celebrated” two anniversaries, my wedding anniversary with my ex was on the 10th of May and my 1st year of the separation of my marriage was on the 20th. Kind of a lot of mixed emotions about those dates. Neither really feel awesome but life doesn’t stop and I always come back to my sons throughout all of this, as if it weren’t for those events in my life I wouldn’t have them. Trying to be positive has been a challenge but at least I am busy so there have only been a few cases of emotional shoe-gazing and at the end of the day, life has shown me that from my hardest moments, triumph awaits to spring up.

I had a great coffee date on the beach on Saturday that was really fun. I almost completely erased all of my profiles (I am on three sites – DONT JUDGE ME I AM LONELY – Sorry, sorry) and I am glad I hadn’t. I have chatted with some nice women online as well so I gotta say, sometimes despite what my gaming experience has taught me, you HAVE TO SHOOT INTO THE DARKNESS! You just might hit the mark after all…

Here is a link to a track the National put together, it is Game of Thrones related and I am impressed that they continue to make interesting and haunting stuff and that they nerd out on Game of Thrones, The Rains of Castermere. The world  can feel a little smaller when you find you share interests with others…

Another thing I am enjoying a tonne of is the Nerdist network and their many podcasts and now they have a Youtube channel too. I am a huge fan of Celebrity Bowling especially when they have wonderful extra like Reggie Watts doing a jam about bowling can we all say “STRIKE!”

Ah screw it, I love Reggie Watts man. Here he is jamming with drunk Jon Hamm and throwing down a jam about Taxi but I can’t embed it so you gonna have to jump over to see it, but, it’s worth the trip.

Alright, one more link type thingee… I like Childish Gambino/Donald Glover and I think he is a funny and talented guy. Now if you don’t like hiphop then you can roll on and this is rap so it’s NSFW but I dig this song and I love the references… Freaks and Geeks

Alright I will score some post-its and get back to it soon.

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