The (My) State of the (Star) Wars

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The last year of being a Star Wars fan was hard for me. I was feeling a fatigue that I hadn’t before and for those who know me and get me know, that is a statement that might cause some concern. A truly earned, “I got a ba-ad feeling about this.”

Here we go...

Here we go…

So the short story is, I am a one of those boys who was shaped by Star Wars. I lived and breathed it for the first ten years of my life and it always resonated to me. Really, my desire to create and my imagination was ignited by those movies.

I have instilled the love to my sons as well. We watch the Clone Wars series all the time. I have heady discussion about good and evil with my sons and Star Wars has been a way to give them reference and understanding to some heady ideas from religion to morality to what it means to be a hero, the large brush strokes of that universe resonate with them the same way they did when i was their age.

So even though I have always loved it, 2012 was a rough year. They began the lacklustre rerelease of the films in 3-D and I tried to take my son but we missed were late for a showing and never went to try again and really as it was Episode I, I just never felt the drive to get him to see it. To clarify the boys have watched and often want to re-watch the original three films but have no interest in the Prequels even though we love the Clone Wars animated series, which in the late year has been incredible but its ratings have fallen to a miserable low.

So it looked like it the march into repetition and tedium was creeping into me and my love of all things Star Wars was heading into that long time ago… But suddenly, this year has brought sweeping and quick reinvigoration.

So the whole Disney buying LucasFilm has spun into much development. In a couple of years, I will be taking my sons to see new Star Wars movies on a big screen. I am absolutely beside myself with the idea that the three of us will get to share this together. The Clones Wars series is looking to continue on a Disney network which also has me excited (although it would be nice if Hasbro re-invested in making new toys of all the amazing new stuff they have added over the last two seasons, seriously I really want some of that stuff over re-scuplts of toys I already own.)

Speaking of new toys, as a collector, now I have to decide if I am buying the new 6″ scale toys they are getting ready to produce which are beautiful and look to make my wallet quiver with anger but they are amazing looking pieces of engineering. Although still scratch my head as to why they would start with Luke in his x-wing suit which just sets up all up for pining over the x-wing to go with this scale we will never see… At least I hope we don’t, the temptation to buy such a thing would be a terrible battle of wills.

JJ Abrams wouldn’t of been my choice for director but the fact Lawerence Kasdan is involved in writing and Lucas isn’t directing is enough to get me feeling like new ground will be found with a true sense of adherence to what made the original three films that special thing that still makes me tear up…

“Luminous being are we, not this crude matter…”

So 2013 feels like it will have some challenges for me but, and maybe it is silly. but knowing that I am looking towards a future filled with new Star Wars to share with the boys, that makes me want to stare up at a twin sunset. Even though I have moments of inner turmoil, the adventure will continue and the Force will rise again.

And that is something that excites me…

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