Post-It-A-Day 4,5 & 6… Look, I got my kids so lemme get through the weekend…

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Hey-O, busy couple of days and I am getting my Dad on which means I switch from pencil to crayon and will be spotty until Monday, you know, Because I am so consistent about posting… But, I have been keeping up on at least the drawing part.

So, on to that.

Firstly, I have done a couple of little comic inspired post-its…

I have been falling in love with collecting G.I. Joe figures again as Star Wars toys have taken a turn for ASS in 2012. So along with playing with my pigma marker, got a little goofy and drew the only thing I want to hear from Snake-Eyes…

Batman. I am not sure if I am psyched for the new movie… The new trailer is cold. I like Bane’s voice now though that I can you know, understand it…

Then I was being deep and indecisive. Eh, lots of stuff in my life is so random right now….

Finally, damnit, something lame. I love the Beastie Boys. I am mad at karma for the shitty miscalculation that is letting MCA get fraked by cancer. What a loss…

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