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So, yeah, a day late but up still and there are a few so, you know, it’s alright. Right? Just get back up Shawn, just get back up. Dust off and get back in there!

So the first one explains why I didn’t post yesterday: I had two hours sleep and I was a mess yesterday.

The second one, well I mentioned a woman I had a date with, well, as I am usually such a smooth player (for sure right I mean c’mon, it’s me) so it might be surprising but I was trying to shore up plans to see her again and of course, she is busy all week and I am getting my Dad on this weekend so, I asked to see her next week and when I got a maybe I played it with the usual confidence of an accountant in a knife fight and likely pissed her off… So, yeah. I felt like the second post it and am still a little gun-shy today but after a real night’s sleep, hey, just dust off and get back in there right?

Finally the third post-it is an all encompassing sense of dread and stress that was yesterday. First of the month, rent, kid support and bills being paid, taxes not done and now late (but, I likely will get a bit back even after owing some stuff) and the big one, last night was my son’s first Caught in the Middle meeting, a course that I am taking that he takes as well in a kid appropriate manner. Thankfully he loved it and it probably didn’t hurt that rice krispie squares were involved.

So even if a day looks menacing and frightening, hey, could turn out just fine in the end and much like Maurice the Spineless Blob of Shame, sometimes, you just can get through and in the end, a 13 tentacle hug at the end of the day and a stolen bite of rice krispie square can finish something dark off on a light touch.

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