The Post-It Project

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So here is what I am looking to do.  I am finding myself challenged in regards to posting consistently and regualrly. So with that in mind and with a smart sense of using the “baby steps” method, here is how i plan to get going…

Post-It-A-Day Project: Day 1

Everyday I draw, post and comment on a post-it note I have doodled on. There is no limit on what it is, subject matter, style etc. I just have to everyday, draw it, photograph it, post it and blog about it. That’s it. I have been doing a bunch this week: drew the women I had a great date with yesterday and a couple of her requests,  drew portraits of each of the party members of my DnD group ‘s adventuring party and some other little miscellaneous stuff.

Some days, I will clean it up a bit to display, some days, it will be quick n dirty. The only thing i need to do is, to do it. To do it consistently. Regular updates. It’s a longshot but worth a try…

So, today is a bit of a collection…

This is a post-it of Katie and a couple of people she was telling me about, and finally the character portraits of my gaming group’s characters they have been playing for the last little while.

So yeah, let’s see if I can make this the habit I want to… Could always use an extra sense of accomplishment.

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