I lost that bloggin’ feelin’, woah-a-woah…


Alright, I am getting back to it. Been a while, been busy, yadda, yadda, yadda…

So, where am i at? Feeling alright actually. I can see some great stuff coming about that could leave behind a year that hasn’t been great or kind. The ground is level and i feel like a great foundation can be laid out and I got a hankerin’ to build up from here.

Work has turned around. I am working with usedeverywhere.com and it is a great fit for where I am right now. The job affords me some comfort, challenge and flexibility to creative and myself as a working artist but also lets me be the Father I want to be, able to give my sons a Dad that can be there for them. Also a bonus is working in the 818 again, the mix of old and new gives me the best of both worlds.

Andrea and I are working as co-parents and moving along with our separation. Great. Well, great isn’t what I should use, done? Done’s a word. I have figured out that the direction I need to go is forward. I look back and see the pieces, the desire to put what was back together is gone. Now I see those pieces, I see material, I see a future I can make better for myself, my boys, for whoever I may end up with.

So, whoever? An interesting one. I have been dating. It’s… An eye-opening experience. Ah, I am making mistakes and for those who are at the end of those mistakes, I am sorry but also, thank you. I have met some great women. Women are great. Nothing heavy yet though.

So art? Well I have been not doing a lot of drawing but here and there, yeah. Fair enough, but, I want to do more and still have a pencil in my pocket and a moleskin close at hand. Plus wacom isn’t collecting dust so yeah. Plus hey, I got this space right, so, well let’s get using it again eh?

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