Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol? Yes. IMAX at Silver City? No.

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Last week my friend Dylan and I had a bro-date and I enjoyed myself immensely as usual, especially as it had been too long since we had partaken in a film. We decided to see whatever was playing in the new IMAX (it would of either had been what we saw or Tin-Tin) and you know I have to say, the movie was fun and entertaining. It helps that Simon Pegg is in the movie for me but the action was really well done and it was a great premiere for Brad Bird directing live action.

However, what was very under-whelming was the IMAX experience itself. Now if you have been to the IMAX¬† theatre in the Museum here is Victoria, then you know what an IMAX film should feel like. It should overwhelm the senses, a wall of sight and sound. Sad to say, our experience wasn’t either of those things.

While the movie was good, our $17 a person ticket was not really enough of a difference to warrant the price hike. The theatre was equipped with leather seats that reclined but the screen, while the screen ratio of IMAX seemed correct, it was still at the same distance as all the other screens in Silver City and considering that the seats were still at the same height on the same steps, reclining was quite limited. So, it seems needless to an IMAX screen at all as the screen was really the same width as the other screens in the cineplex but,¬† just a little taller. Now I am not grabbing a tape measure or anything here so I might be talking out my ass a bit here but, there really wasn’t all that much special or different here, which, makes the near doubling of the ticket, kind of underwhelming.

Maybe I am just glorifying the museum theatre in my head, maybe they are the same size screen, I am sure they are the same ratio but a squarer film frame does not make a film feel epic. It didn’t over-shadow the actual film but nor did it really enhance the over-all experience. Whether you see Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol or not in a theatre is up to you but, do your wallet a solid, just see it in the regular theatre… That and don’t eat the fries. Euuch.

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