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So while I am never that comfortable with the word, artist, I do draw, paint and do artsy stuff. I have always been drawing and most of the time, I have a sketchbook going. I have a Wacom tablet and I am trying to get more use out of it. I am drawn to imagery and find inspiration and am most satisfied when I have an idea in my head and I am shaping it. I am not happy if I am not being creative in some capacity, which, takes the form of anything from drawing to writing, to making a playlist to just really staring into the middle distance and being inside my own head.

My creative leanings however are very slanted towards things that are geeky or nerdy. I like drawing a landscape, but I’d to be drawing a landscape when it has an AT-AT walking through it. I like lines, whether they are in a comic book or a joke from a stand-up comedian. I love movies but I think Peter Dinklage is a better actor than Brad Pitt. I like music but I like it better when everyone doesn’t know the artist or the song and it gets a bonus from me if the song can illicit a “that sounds familiar,” or a “what the Hell?”

With that in mind, you can see some of my art. I like making stuff like this…

One thought on “Personal Work (Ongoing)

  1. Like the artist’s drawn line, both art as life and life as art, we stay happy by using one pencil after another… Keep following both of those lines as creative convergence…•R

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