Black Press New Media / (2008)

Newspaper and Magazine, Portfoilo, Web

In 2008, I took a position with Black Press‘s New Media division. My time was split between two different departments of the company. Firstly with the New Media Division to build their marketing materials for their sales teams, creating print and web advertising materials for Black Press’s various websites. In addition I also worked with the network, developing advertising for web and print with the marketing division as well as building web ads and print materials for the sales team.

One of my main duties with Black Press New Media was educating and trouble-shooting with the various production departments via tel-conferencing and email across BC and Washington State, teaching them how to build web ad .gifs to populate the relaunched community newspaper websites. This brought some interesting challenges as web knowledge among these various locations differed greatly, finding myself trying to supply on the fly  help that was needed, helpful or in a couple of varied and talented departments, unnecessary. Also without being able at the time to be supplied with the ability to show them how what I was doing on my screen and what they were doing on their screens, sufficed to say, lead to some rather bizarre and interesting communication mix-ups.

Among my projects was creating advertising to market to various websites, many of which had to be marketed as being an extension of the existing print publications rather than replacements for those publications. I built various web banners as well, serving limits of 38 kbs forcing a lot of consideration towards how to complete what I wanted to achieve with as a lot of creative economy. In addition, I was working with the Sales team developing their marketing materials to support them to sell advertising for the websites.

In addition to this, I was also working for the network. Among my duties were working with their marketing staff to build various advertising materials from print and web ads. I often was preparing files for t-shirts, water bottles and other forms of schwag too. This was on top of building the web advertising for the sales team for businesses all over Canada.

Although my time was short working in this position, I found the experience very useful. I actually regret not getting to do more with the sites as I was having a lot of fun. I had the opportunity to participate in a couple of interesting meetings for idea development in marketing and liked a lot of the staff.

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