Thursday: Lonely at the bar.

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Note: Written while waiting between bands at the slackers show: Thursday, Feburary 28th, 2013 at 11:17 pm at the Forge, wait no, Element... No, no now its called Club 9one9….

So I am in a bar. On a Thursday, by myself waiting to see the Slackers. The fact that I am in a club where there was a drive by just days ago doesn’t weird me, no, I am more afraid of awkward social situations then getting shot… Does that make brazen or awkward?

I saw the Slackers for The first time in 1997 in Vancouver with Hepcat and the Gadjits at the Starfish room. Did I mention that I feel awkward being in a bar? Yeah…

It might be because I am now the Lonely Guy in the bar by himself. The guy I used to see in the bar and think, “awwwh, Lonely Guy in the bar…”

I used to wonder why he was there, why he had no friends to go see the awesome band with, now being that guy, I can tell you, he is 38. He likes good ska still, his friends have moved away or are no longer into going to see bands on a weeknight since they have wives and kids, or couldn’t get a babysitter, have a busy day at work tomorrow or just Murtaugh the idea.

I am psyched to be here as I said, the Slackers, amazing band. I just wished I was drinking with friends that have been here with me before, having those “remember that gig” conversations or with someone sweet, holding their hand, buying them drinks and checking our coats together…

Yeah, that would be sweet…

But here I am. Maybe I should admire the Lonely Guy. Hey, he still likes good bands, still gets up and skanks to his favourite songs, he won’t go early and frankly, he will likely sleep in cuz he has no regular job to go to in the morning.

Lonely Guy will blink tonight and for a few verses of “Have The Time” he won’t be Lonely Guy, he will be that punk who was there when that band was coming up, when it was real

And I will smile even if tonight, I am Lonely Guy at the bar.


elements of accompanying image sourced here 

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